Unique ‘Positive Ambitions’ Project To Help Hull Teenagers

The Hull FC Community Foundation will help looked after teenagers tackle loneliness and social isolation with a unique new project – Positive Ambitions.

The ‘Positive Ambitions’ project – the first of its kind in Hull – embodies the community foundation’s mantra; to engage, educate and inspire.

To help launch the project, the community foundation received significant funding from the British & Foreign School Society, a grant giving organisation that offers funding for education projects in the UK and around the world.

Engaging with young looked after people aged 13-16 over a three-year programme, participants will be able to use sport to help combat feelings of loneliness, whilst also attaining qualifications along the way.

Offering a two hour weekly session from the KCOM Stadium and the Centre of Excellence, participants will attain an accredited level 2 community sports leadership qualification over a thirty-six week period, which promotes physical and mental wellbeing outcomes underpinned by team work and social action.

Through participation, young people will have improved confidence, self-esteem and mental resilience.

Further and higher education providers will engage with participants to broaden their knowledge of education progression opportunities.

60 participants aged 13-16 will benefit directly from ‘Positive Ambitions’ across the three-year period through accessing weekly sessions.

The participants will have opportunity to attain an accredited Sports Leaders qualification, the process of which will provide them with opportunity to develop new social friendships that tackle the first step towards reducing feelings of loneliness and social isolation.

They will participate in tasks that promote relationship development, enhance communication skills, and develop confidence and self-esteem. Mental wellbeing partners will support participants to better understand their mental health and develop effective coping and stress management strategies.

The qualifications attained during the programme will help youngsters complete volunteering and social action placements outside of school, which reduces the risk of loneliness and low self-esteem.

Ultimately, this project will enable its participants to have a better understanding of their post-16 education and employment options.

Head of the Hull FC Community Foundation James Price said: “Looked after children, especially those living within poor and disadvantaged communities, are at higher risk of education, employment, and health inequality.”

“Hull is the fourth most deprived authority in England with over 800 looked after children currently in the care system. These children are more likely to have poorer education outcomes, challenges with mental wellbeing and be socially isolated.

“Our ‘Positive Ambitions’ project is the first project of its type in Hull to use sport in a contextual form to secure tangible educational outcomes for looked after children.

From a direct participant perspective, our aim is for the project to have a long term impact on their lives in relation to their personal wellbeing and academic success.

“In gaining a qualification, they will use this success as a catalyst to develop aspirations, giving them the confidence and improved self esteem that they can transfer into their home and school life ultimately securing future employment.

“They will be able to continue accessing support from the Hull FC Community Foundation, whether through completing volunteering opportunities or accessing other interventions that tackle health and social inequalities.”

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