College Student Josh Brown Hails Club’s Education Setup sat down Hull FC College student Josh Brown to find out more about his time within the club’s educational setup…

A lifelong Hull Kingston Rovers fan, Josh has switched allegiances to join the Black & Whites’ Centre of Excellence. Having only joined the college in 2020, Josh already has earned a trainee coaching role within the Hull FC Academy, to go alongside his educational studies. Josh, what made you choose Hull FC College being a lifelong Hull KR fan? I chose Hull FC College Centre of Excellence as I felt this was the best place for myself as an individual to learn and develop and gain valuable experience and knowledge from the best youth academic coaches in the game/ Hull FC is the best place to be in the local area in terms of youth development and the sense of togetherness at the Centre of Excellence is warming I feel it’s the ideal place to learn on and off the field. I chose Hull FC as there are better opportunities to gain and excel at. The state of the art facilities to utilise doesn’t go unnoticed. Plus, around the training ground, it feels like a professional environment and I feel that has high importance and brings relevance which will be beneficial for my career and my long term development. The allegiances switch was massive for me and I thought my family who are passionate red and white fans across the river would disapprove of choosing Hull FC and they were fully supportive with my decision and agreed that the club is the best club in the city and East Yorkshire for youth development overall . I feel Hull FC is the better team environment to be within . I’ve seen the light so to speak, and came to the other side of the river and haven’t looked back since and have no regrets. I supported Hull KR from a young age and grew up in East Hull but you’ve got to go where’s best suited for yourself and my full focus is on my role and I’m utmost committed to the badge and the club’s vision to strive for success. The person who influenced my decision to join Hull FC was my grandad, and he is the person I look up to and he played a massive impact in my development as a player and a coach as he was an ex rugby player himself. He helped me make my decision and I think I chose the right one – he’s a very educated man who I look up to and he’s a Hull FC fan, so that’s a bonus in terms of support ! How do you feel Hull FC College are helping you achieve academically, and wider to your academic achievements, how are Hull FC College supporting you in your dream of becoming a sports coach? Hull FC College was my first opportunity to engage with the club and when I joined in September, I loved every minute of it. I love the team & college environment and the brotherhood is tight and I feel we can achieve a lot together . On and off the field, all the staff are top class and deliver excellent teaching & tutoring and the college is such a friendly place to learn from where you can learn and have a good time at the same time with your mates and exceptional teachers and coaching staff . When we went into the second national lockdown in November, I had a chat with Rob & Danny Wilson, who are the Hull FC Academy Coaches , the best youth coaches I’ve worked under, and when I discussed my future at the club I was offered an Academy role at the club which I found really promising and couldn’t believe it! To get a trainee coaching role within the Academy set up within three months of being at the College – I was astonished. When I started at the college, I gave myself an aim to attempt to get an Academy role after a year being at the college – I didn’t think I’d get one that quick. I’m looking forward to properly commencing my opportunity with the Academy set up to gain extra knowledge & experience in a professional elite sporting environment. Alongside knowledgeable & highly experienced Academy Head Coach Danny Wilson, it’s a privilege to earn the right to work alongside the boys and to be learning off Danny Wilson himself . With the roadmap announced, how are you feeling about getting back in a classroom and back coaching at the Centre of Excellence? I can’t wait to get back to College and return to training , it means we are a step closer to getting Academy games back and that’s something to be motivated for and hopefully college rugby league will follow in a similar direction. It’s going to be a unique experience with all the new guidelines and protocols, but I’m sure we’ll all adapt quickly together and enjoy the experience at the same time . If you could advise any students still deciding about where to go in September, what would you advise to them? Honestly, I cannot recommend this college enough – it’s the place to be for any local Hull rugby league player , you don’t even have to be into rugby; we have other sports athletes at the college as well so it’s suitable to all . I love every minute of being at Centre of Excellence and it doesn’t feel like college as it’s well conducted and enjoyable , whilst studying and training hard at the same time . I’m now looking forward to the future! And hope we can get some academy games in this year. Interested in signing up for the Hull FC College, part of the club’s Centre of Excellence? To apply online – click here, or for more information, email

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