Hull FC College Student Macauley Cromack On Learning From Home

Hull FC College student Macauley Cromack sat down with to discuss life at the college, and learning from home during lockdown.

Due to the national lockdown, your college work is currently taking place online – how are you finding it?


It’s going really well! Obviously it’s not ideal but with this pandemic, it is something that we needed to do and I have been able to adapt well to the online learning.

I’m still working at my best and I’m making sure I’m reaching my full potential in every topic on my course. The staff have being great and have really pushed us all to work hard and achieve top grades.

Even on an athlete’s perspective and the actual rugby side of the college has being successful as well as we are still set different challenges and task to do to keep us active and fit ready for the upcoming season.

What type of tasks have you been presented to keep yourself engaged?


We have had some really good tasks and challenges to do to keep us engaged. We’ve had some fun challenges to do that keep that competitive nature in us via the facebook group. These task help us because we are engaging with different things and it keeps you in a really good mindset.

Some of the challenges have consisted of keep ups with socks , who can stare the longest without blinking, and we’ve also had exercise challenges just to keep us fit and healthy, for example we have done who can plank the longest and who can do the most press ups and these just keeps our competitive nature.

Obviously we have also being presented with academic task to make sure we are on track with our qualification for when we return to the classroom. These academic task really push us and this means we are not losing out on good, quality education because we are still getting pushed to be achieving high level work regardless of the current situation.

What type of support is available to you?


Academically, we have being supported with our assignments and the staff are always willing to help us with our problems; whether that be needing help with the work, or just having someone to talk to when times are hard , and all the students appreciate the help.

It’s really good to have tutors and teachers who can help us with whatever we are struggling with and this means we don’t fall behind in our work.

From an athlete’s perspective, we have being supported by the staff with home training plans and meal plans to make sure that we are where we need to be in terms of fitness and weight when we return to training. A lot of the lads are really pushing themselves to keep fit and active and the results will pay off in the near future.

Are you looking forward to returning to the classroom?


I’m really excited to return back to college because it’s such a good environment and you can still have fun whilst doing your work and there’s simply nothing that can match that feeling when your at home.

I speak on behalf of majority of the students to say that they can’t wait to get back because we are all wanting to be playing rugby again but also wanting to see all our mates.

I personally miss learning at the college because it’s somewhere you feel like you can be yourself and somewhere that helps you achieve what you want and that’s important in my opinion.

What plans do you have for next years education?


I’ll be moving on to the University of Hull for my next stage of education next year and I’m really excited to take that next step in life. I’ve been pushed throughout college to reach the top grades of my qualification and I still have a good few months left to achieve them.

The tutors and the staff have really helped set me up for a bright future and prepare me for university and I’m very grateful for the help and the opportunity I have had at this college.

I’d recommend this college to anyone because it’s outstanding and has really helped me achieve what I have wanted to, as well as helping me develop into a better rugby player.


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