Hull FC ‘Creates’ New Customer Service Assistant

Rebecca Cartwright has become a Customer Service Assistant at Hull FC, having taken part in the club’s ‘Create’ Programme.

‘Create’ gives local, unemployed adults the opportunity to upskill, whilst offering them the chance to develop their skills and reach their career aspirations.

Rebecca’s sole aim was to gain employment when she started on the programme. She made a decision that she wanted to work in a business administration capacity.

Having taken part in the necessary training to gain experience, Rebecca also created her own development plan and started to look for what specific skills she needed to succeed in the business administration industry.

Mark Harling, who has overseen the ‘Create’ programme, said: “Rebecca applied for a role with us and she reflected on how Create had nurtured her.

“Because of her work ethic and sheer enthusiasm, we had no doubt that she would be great fit at the club.

“She is always willing to take new tasks on board, whilst also developing her own skills, which is something that has really impressed me.

“I’m extremely proud of how much she has developed and I’m really looking forward to seeing how she grows even further within our organisation.”

Rebecca added: “I’m so glad that I joined the Create programme because I have gained so much confidence in myself and my skillset.

“The programme really helped me believe that employment was actually a realistic goal. As soon as I heard that the club was looking for a customer service assistant, I wanted to apply straight away because I knew it would be great for developing my experience.

“I would definitely recommend the Create programme for anyone who is unemployed because it has helped me massively.”

For more information on the Create programme, please email