Over 100,000 Engagements During #TheHealthy100

#TheHealthy100, a Hull FC Community Foundation wellbeing initiative, engaged with over 100,000 people in the final third of 2021.

The social media campaign included physical activity tips, mental wellbeing support and dietary advice, helping motivate everyday people in the lead up to Christmas.

Forming part of the Community Foundation’s ‘Teaming Up For Health’ partnership with NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group, the programme engaged with over 100,000 people throughout its 100-day duration, delivering tips on coping with stress, anxiety, depression, dieting and much more.

The campaign also raised awareness of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, breast cancer and sexual health.

Hull FC stars Danny Houghton and Josh Griffin also got involved with the project, delivering video messages on the importance of exercise and mental wellbeing, respectively.

Strength & Conditioning Coach Calum Christopherson also delivered a message, tasking people to become more active by simply striving to walk more than 10,000 steps each day.

Throughout the campaign, #TheHealthy100 collaborated with the NHS, Hull & East Yorkshire Mind and Age UK.

Brainchild of the campaign Maisie Malton, the Community Foundation’s Head of Health and Wellbeing, said: “It’s really pleasing to know that we have engaged with over 100,000 people through our #TheHealthy100 campaign.

“At the start of the campaign, we knew how much Covid-19 had taken its toll on everybody, so we wanted to place a big emphasis on mental wellbeing throughout, and I think we delivered some salient advice for those who may have struggled.

“A big thank you has to go to the NHS CCG, Hull & East Yorkshire Mind and Age UK for supporting the campaign and sharing any key messages.”

Jessica Wilson is one person in particular who has first-hand benefitted from #TheHealthy100 campaign after she won a competition to win a 100-day membership at Total Fitness Willerby.

“I came across #TheHealthy100 on Instagram and I decided to engage with it, which ended up in me winning a competition to win a free gym membership for 100 days,” she told the Hull FC Community Foundation.

“I was hoping to improve my fitness and find new ways to keep active, so the opportunity to use Total Fitness as a platform to do that was so useful for me.”