Community Foundation Engages With Over 1,000 Kids Across Easter Camps

Over 1,100 participants took part in the Hull FC Community Foundation’s Easter camps during the school holidays.

In partnership with both the Hull City Council and the East Riding Council, the Hull FC Community Foundation delivered almost 200 hours of free Easter camps throughout the recent school holidays, engaging with a huge 1,165 participants during the two-week break.

The Community Foundation visited a number of locations and amateur rugby league clubs in the region, with a range of rugby, multi-sports and dance activities.

It was all made possible by the Hull City and East Riding Councils, with local juniors able to attend for no cost, which helped participation numbers soar.

With another successful batch of camps passing by, Head of the Hull FC Community Foundation James Price said: “Once again, we reflect on a set of half-term camps with huge pride in the fact that we have engaged with, and hopefully inspired, over 1,000 kids.

“We had a lot of success with the free half-term camps we ran during the summer holidays in 2021, so we were delighted to partner with the Hull City Council and the East Riding Council to offer free half-term camps again over the Easter.

“I think one of the most pleasing aspects is the diverse opportunities we provide at the Hull FC Community Foundation. Although we are attached to a rugby league club, we are proud to offer a wider range of activities for children from all walks of life.”