Set Restart Breakfast Club Launches On Orchard Park

The Hull FC Community Foundation’s Breakfast Club launched last week, in a bid to clamp down on social isolation.

As part of the wider ‘Set Restart’ project on the Orchard Park estate, the Breakfast Club programme got underway at St Michael’s Youth Project last Tuesday, giving adults the opportunity to get out of the house and socialising with other people.

The general aim of ‘Set Restart’ is to  support members of the community to achieve outcomes associated with better physical health, mental wellbeing, and education and employability.

What the Breakfast Club does perfectly is match mental and physical wellbeing, offering the chance to socialise with other people over a delicious breakfast before providing a light physical wellbeing exercise session, giving participants the best of both worlds.

The Breakfast Club, which is free to attend, takes place at St Michael’s Youth Project on the Orchard Park Estate every Tuesday.

Head of Community Learning Ed Grady said: “We understood that there was an appetite for a support network on the Orchard Park, so we engineered Set Restart to further engage with young families in the area to help them through any hardship they may be facing.

“Cut a little deeper into the wider project and our Breakfast Club really underpins what we are trying to achieve on Orchard Park – we are trying to cut down on social isolation, whilst we are offering physical activity to better people’s overall health.

“I think already from our first session last week, we saw people leaving with smiles on their faces and I would like to think we made an instant impact on those that attended.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the Breakfast Club grow over the coming weeks and months.”