Community Foundation To Support Local Cardiology Patients

The Hull FC Community Foundation is set to support patients from the region who are waiting to be treated for heart problems, offering access to a unique service to support their wellbeing while they wait for screening.

The Community Foundation has collaborated with Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to offer the ‘Waiting Well’ programme to almost 80 people waiting for cardiology appointments.

The programme will invite patients to take part in activities such as walking or gentle games of football to help maintain their physical health.

Some well-known names in the East Yorkshire health community, including the Hull FC Community Foundation, will be working with the Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to deliver group exercise and social activity sessions as part of the project, as well as Tigers Trust, Fitmums & Friends and the Hull KR Community Trust.

But acknowledging that wellbeing is about more than just a person’s physical health, those taking part will be able to access other forms of support too, such as mental health advice, if it’s needed.

Jason Stamp, Chief Officer for Forum said: “We at Forum are excited by our new partnership with Hull University Teaching Hospitals Trust and our innovative new approach to supporting patients on the cardiology waiting list.

“Through this new service, we will be offering patients advice and guidance while they wait and providing access to a range of free activities within their local communities. This will not only help people to start improving their physical health but also support and encourage them to become more active in their local communities.

“This new project is a great example of how we can work together in partnership to improve health outcomes for local people.”

Eileen Henderson, Head of Outpatient Services for Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust said: “We know it can be frustrating waiting for an appointment, so this is a great way of keeping in touch with patients and encouraging them to take part in activities which will help keep them well while they wait.

“While it won’t necessarily cure their problem, taking part in the activities we have lined up will get people out of the house, keep them active, help them make new friends and foster a more general sense of wellbeing until such a time as we can schedule their hospital appointment.”

Funded by Hull City Council, the Waiting Well programme is open to all eligible patients living within Hull. The nature of the activities have been designed with the specific needs of cardiology patients in mind and will be provided entirely free of charge.

There will be general group sessions on offer including football, walking and exercise classes, plus a number of activities aimed at particular groups such as the over 50s and women only, some with childcare included.

Hull FC Community Foundation Head of Health & Wellbeing Maisie Malton said: “We’re excited to be working in partnership with Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to support cardiology patients.

“At the Hull FC Community Foundation, we offer a wide range of holistic activities and exercises, proven in improving physical and mental wellbeing, so we are more than happy to provide our services to support almost 80 patients.”