Community Foundation To Launch Masters Team

The Hull FC Community Foundation will launch a Masters Rugby League team this weekend, for men aged 35+.

The Community Foundation, which also supports Hull FC’s LDSL, PDRL, Wheelchair, Women’s & Girl’s teams, will make Rugby League even more inclusive this year, by introducing a brand-new Masters team.

Masters Rugby League is strictly a social version of the sport for those 35 and over (women
30 and over), who are retired from open age Rugby League.

Ultimately, Masters Rugby League is a non-competitive version of the game, encouraging everybody to enjoy themselves both on and off the field.

Starting on Sunday 27th November, the Hull FC Community Foundation Masters team will train on Sunday mornings at 11.00am, with training sessions taking place at the Bonus Youth Performance Centre, off Pickering Road (HU4 6TL).

The international rules of Rugby League apply in full in Masters Rugby League with a number of adjustments. You can find all of the rules here

For more information on the new Masters Rugby League team, please email