Unite Fitness Sessions To Resume For Local Women

The Hull FC Community Foundation’s free Unite Fitness sessions get underway again next week, with new participants invited to come and revitalise their lifestyle!

The project strives to bring local women closer together and empower them through fitness and educational activities, which brings participants closer together.

Sessions take place on Tuesday evenings (6-7.30pm) at the Bonus Youth Performance Centre, located off Pickering Road, and Wednesday evenings (6-7.30pm) at the Elite Performance Centre on County Road.

One participant from last year’s sessions said: “Me and my friend have a great time when we come to Unite Fitness. Maisie, who runs the sessions, is really enthusiastic and engaging. We’re absolutely delighted that we started coming along to the sessions!”

A key barrier for people wanting to get into fitness can get that they are afraid that the sessions can be too difficult. The beauty of Unite Fitness is that each session can be tailored to each individual’s ability.

One other participant commented: “Everyone was so welcoming when I came along to my first session. It’s the first time in years I’ve sat down and thought I need to prioritise myself. Unite Fitness has helped me understand how to get the right balance between working and living. It really has changed my whole mindset.”

It’s not just fitness activities that are put on at the sessions, however. A number of guest visitors are lined up throughout the year, delivering workshops on nutrition, mental wellbeing, and even art, which was proven to be a form of therapy for the participants.

“Initially, I was quite reluctant to come along to the sessions, especially the art therapy one. I’m rubbish at art and I thought I had loads of better things to be doing with my time. But I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed the session and how much I was able to focus for two hours given that I have ADHD,” said one participant.

She added: “We do live in such a busy world and it’s easy to forget how the simplest of tasks and activities can bring us so much joy.”

If you’re interested in attending a Unite Fitness session, or if you would like more information, please email maisie.malton@hullfc.com.