More Than An After-School Club: Community Foundation Supporting Looked After Children

The Hull FC Community Foundation is proud to be working in partnership with Hull Fostering to deliver weekly activity sessions for local looked after children.

The Allam Sports Centre at the University of Hull is the site used by the Community Foundation on Wednesday evenings, where young children get the chance to take part in a variation of fun activities designed to develop physical and mental wellbeing.

Since the project started in October 2022, participation numbers have increased rapidly, with juniors who have been in the care system since birth given the platform to enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

Whilst the project seeks to develop physical and mental attributes, there is a focus on developing friendships amongst participants, many of whom typically struggle to establish friendships in social situations.

One parent said: “Our kiddie really looks forward to the sessions and he’s always excited when he comes home. Although he struggles with making and maintaining friendships at school, he excitedly tells us about the friends he has played games with at the sessions.”

Another parent added: “I feel it’s really important for our children to be able to access a club where all the children are in a similar situation.

“For a long time, my children were the only foster children in their whole school of nearly 500. One of my children admitted they didn’t realise there were so many fostered children in our local area. They said they really like that they can enjoy themselves with like-minded children.”

The project, which has now been running for over four months, has been developed in partnership with Hull Fostering, the largest fostering service in the local area.

As the number of children entering the care system continues to rise, both the Hull FC Community Foundation and Hull Fostering have joined forces to establish a programme that supports those that are affected.

Laura Gawthorpe, Head of Marketing at Hull Fostering, said: “This really is more than just an after-school club. This is a community. This is something that our children and our carers have needed and this is something that we will continue doing.

“Since this project started, we can see that there are genuine friendships that have blossomed. It’s a social outing for everybody and the hour-long session flies by every week!

For more information on these sessions, please email