Community Foundation Running Additional Rugby Minis Sessions

Such has been the popularity of the Community Foundation’s Rugby Minis project that additional sessions have been scheduled for Friday mornings.

Rugby Minis, a project which offers toddlers aged 2-4 to take some of their first Rugby League steps, has been running for several years on weekends.

It has been so popular that the Community Foundation will now run an additional block of sessions on Friday mornings at the Tigers Trust Arena (10-11am), starting this week.

The sessions are designed to help toddlers develop the fundamentals of rugby league, including movement and social interaction, helping them make new friends!

All of this will be done through fun and engaging activities – and yes, that includes the parents, too!

This project has been increasingly popular with parents of young children and their kids in recent years, so if you have a little one that is already a rugby league fanatic, bring them along to Rugby Minis for just £1 per person.

Plus, there is no booking requirement. Participants can simply turn up and get stuck into the fun.

For any further details, please contact