New Community Foundation Project Aiming To Tackle Loneliness

Hull FC Community Foundation’s commitment to tackling loneliness will continue with a brand-new project called ‘Recruit Into Coaching’.

The Community Foundation will link up with the City of Hull Sport & Community Group, with a clear objective to equip 120 young adults suffering with loneliness with the skills, confidence and knowledge to volunteer in their own communities.

Unfortunately, loneliness remains a prevalent issue in society, but the Community Foundation is determined to tackle this.

‘Recruit Into Coaching’ will see the Hull FC Community Foundation deliver six, twelve-week interventions to young adults aged 18 to 34, with a focus on tackling prevalent inequalities driving loneliness, and in doing so, empower healthier, more resilient futures.

Ahead of the launch of the project, a taster session will run on Tuesday 28th November at the Elite Performance Centre on County Road North (10.30am until 12pm), with lunch provided.

During the sessions, participants will have the opportunity to take part in activities that promote better wellbeing. This will include low to moderate intensity sport and physical activity, life-skill workshops that focus on healthy lifestyle and self-efficacy awareness, mental resilience sessions that improve understand of what mental health is, what influences it, and strategies that can support it, and participant-led social activities that foster connections.

Not only will participants feel engaged with, but they will also have the opportunity to complete a Sports Leaders Qualification across the twelve-week programme, able to develop their own leadership skills, and plan appropriate sport and physical activity sessions.

As a result of taking on the Sports Leadership Qualification, the aim is for participants to become inspired and start volunteering in the local community, using the skills learned over the twelve-week period.

Head of Hull FC’s Community Foundation James Price said: “We have tried a number of tactics in the past to tackle loneliness, but I feel this new project could be one of our strongest ploys.

“With a specific target to inspire participants and give them the confidence required to lead better lives, not only will attending sessions help tackle loneliness, but it can also bring out a completely new lease of life in people, who may wish to start volunteering to help others in their local communities.”

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