Community Foundation Champion Of The Month: December

The Hull FC Community Foundation has named Sue Smith as the most recent Champion Of The Month for December 2023.

Unlike many of her Unite Fitness peers, Sue is not a Hullensian. She was born outside of the city, and has no family here. But she doesn’t let that get in the way of her fitness goals.

Sue attends the Community Foundation’s Unite Fitness sessions on Monday evenings, as well as the Fit4FC activities on Wednesday nights.

She suffers from osteoarthritis, so she is on a fitness journey to try and enhance lean muscle mass and muscle size to try and offset some of the issues the condition presents.

Speaking to, Sue said: “The focus for me is high-intensity interval training. It really helps to reduce the pain caused by my osteoarthritis and there are some other benefits of HIIT, as well.

“I love the fact that the sessions and exercises can be adjusted to suit your fitness levels. There’s no judging from any of the other people who take part, either.

“One day, I thought I needed to get involved in doing some fitness. I was also quite isolated prior to joining Unite. I’m not from Hull and I don’t have any relatives that live close by. But I have developed some really good friendships at the sessions and we also socialise in wider life, too.

“I have to say that Rebecca, who runs the sessions, is great. She demonstrates how the exercises can be adapted and tailored to each individual’s needs. Plus, her music taste in the gym isn’t too bad!”

You can find out more about the Community Foundation’s Unite Fitness project here.