Community Foundation Champion Of The Month: January

The Hull FC Community Foundation has named Euan Cullen as the most recent Champion Of The Month for January 2024.

Euan’s attends the Community Foundation’s Energise Club project.

‘Energise Club’ is an after-school club for children aged between 5-11, designed to improve their health and fitness with fun games and learning activities.

He discovered the sessions through a family relation. Euan’s older sibling also attends another of the Community Foundation’s sessions, delivered for those with SEND sensory needs. Through word of mouth, Euan found out about the sessions and wanted to attend to make some new friends.

Since joining in with the activities, Euan has had a great time playing games and learning about leading a healthy lifestyle.

Euan’s mum, Katrina, said: “I have enjoyed watching Euan come out of his shell so much since starting coming to the Energise sessions.

“It’s given him the confidence to join in activities and meet new people. He’s made a lot of really good friends at the Energise Club sessions, which has made him really happy.

“His progress with his confidence has been so good that he has joined a local Rugby League team, and I think he has been really inspired to take that decision through Energise Club.”

You can find out more about the Community Foundation’s Energise Club project here.