Get Active With Touch Rugby League Sessions

Build up your fitness and have lots of fun at Hull FC Community Foundation’s Touch Rugby League sessions, which are now back up and running.

The weekly Touch Rugby League sessions take place on Thursday evenings at the Allam Sport Centre at the University of Hull (6-7pm).

A minimal contact version of Rugby League, Touch is popular amongst lovers of the sport who would like to play it, perhaps without the big hits!

This fun-filled variant is open to players above the age of 13, with any fitness level or sporting ability.

The main difference between Touch Rugby League and the traditional sport is that tackles are made by a touch to the rugby ball, clothes, or body of the ball carrier.

Touch Rugby League is a great way to keep active and involved in the sport, whilst also allowing participants to socialise with each other, boosting mental wellbeing.

Sessions are priced at £4 per person, and you can book your place here.