Brighter Futures Programme “Jewel In The Crown”

The last year has seen great success for the Community Foundation’s Brighter Futures programme, which has been described as the “jewel in the crown.”

Working with local fostered children, one participant even described the programme as their “lifeline”, with almost 3000 participants attending the highly-popular Community Hub sessions on Friday evenings.

The three-year programme, which is soon to enter its final year, is supported by BBC Children in Need, and it gives young children in the local care system the chance to take part in all kinds of fun activities designed to develop improved physical and mental wellbeing.

It’s all delivered in association with Hull Fostering – their Marketing, Recruitment & Retention Officer, Laura Gawthorpe, said: “Hull FC and the Brighter Futures program has undoubtedly contributed towards the many positive experiences and memories created over the past 12 months for our looked after children population and fostering community as a whole.

“Hull FC and the Brighter Futures programme is the ‘jewel in the crown’, of the fostering support package we offer to our fostering community. Our children love attending each week and some foster carers even describe it as their ‘lifeline’.

“As adults, it’s our responsibility to ensure our children can continue living in the city they know and love, especially if they cannot live with their own families. For a child to feel settled living with a foster family, we must first try to normalise the concept of fostering.

“The programme has allowed up to 100 young people per week to meet up, have fun and feel completely at ease, knowing they are not alone and they have friends they can relate to.

“Seeing the benefits of this programme on both the children and our carers with my own eyes is humbling, knowing we are giving children and their carers an opportunity to meet up twice a week, have fun, play games, eat a meal together and bond.”

Nora, who is a foster carer of one of the children who attends the sessions, discussed how the programme gives its participants a real sense of belonging.

“The activities and regular clubs definitely give our children a sense of belonging and opportunities to develop new friendships with children and adults in safe and supportive environments.

“I’ve been loving the progress we’ve seen and the impact the programme has had on the children and carers.

“You get such a sense of belonging and being part of an extended fostering family team – the children and young people in our care deserve the most nurturing environment possible to thrive.”