About Us

About the Hull FC Foundation

Who We Are

Hull FC Community Foundation is the independent charity of professional rugby league side, Hull FC. Using the power of sport and the strong local influence, we make the biggest difference possible to the lives of vulnerable people through delivering needs led projects targeting four key areas: Participation, Education, Health, and Social Inclusion. As a registered charity, the Foundation ensures that the club’s work in the local communities is further enhanced through local strategic partnerships within the public, private and voluntary sector.

People We Help

At Hull FC Community Foundation, we know how passionate our city is about Rugby. Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of local people through physical activity, and to raise the aspirations and skills of young people for a better life through unique learning and training programmes. We have a passionate, dedicated team of professionally qualified coaches and tutors who recognise the vital role that sport and can play in engaging, educating and inspiring people of all ages and abilities.

How We Help

We are improving the lives of almost 40,000 people in the local community each year, with record levels of participation across our Rugby, School and Community programmes. Using the Hull FC brand, we can engage, inspire and motivate people that others cannot reach. We harness the local passion for rugby and use it to help disadvantaged children, young people, adults and families across our region. From summer schools to fundraising events, the community is at the heart of everything we do.

Meet Our Team

James Price

Head of Community Foundation

Richard Tate

Head of Sport and Wellbeing

Ryan Langton

Head of Education

Sam French

Community Sports Coach

Matthew Kirby

Community Sports Coach

Bradley Sugden

Community Sports Coach

Dan Nicholson

Education Tutor

Kieran Smith

Education Tutor

Abby Omblertruran

Education Tutor

Michael Swainger

Education Tutor

Lee Crooks

Head of Rugby League Development

Mark Harling

CLLD Engagement Officer

Hannah Mowforth

Dance Coach

Ryan Johnson

Community Sports Coach

Our Partners

We believe we can achieve more by working in partnership than by working alone. That’s why we pride ourselves on our charity partnerships.

Support from the directors, staff and players of Hull FC is invaluable to the Foundation. We also have successful partnerships with individuals, businesses, public sector organisations and other charities. It is this strong network of partners that is the foundation of our work.