Energise Club

Energise Club

‘Energise club’ is an after-school club for children aged between 5-11 years of age and is designed to improve their health and fitness with fun games and learning activities. We are committed improving children’s health in a fun, interactive and engaging way.

There will be two sections to the session: an active fitness section and a classroom-based learning activity section. Some of the fitness activities will include playing a variety of sports games e.g., rugby, football, tennis, rounders etc, as well as gym style activities e.g., fun circuits, and games that will encourage team building and leadership skills! The classroom-based learning will involve teaching about a certain topic e.g., Food groups, and be followed by fun activities such as arts & crafts, cooking, card games, using food props etc.

Not only will this after-school club be entertaining, but it will also help boost children’s fitness, knowledge of health and their confidence. There will also be opportunities to meet the Hull FC players and receive free tickets to the 2022 games!

Session Details: Thursday, 4pm – 5.30pm, Bonus Youth Performance Centre, Pickering Road, Hu4 7AE

For further details about Energise Club, please contact health@hullfc.com