Health & Wellbeing

Teaming up for health

Teaming up for Health is a partnership between the Hull FC Community Foundation, NHS Hull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Hull Kingston Rovers Community Trust.

‘Teaming Up for Health’ completed its first-year pilot in March 2020 having focused on building proactive partnerships with the local voluntary sector and testing a range of health interventions concentrated on communities located in areas of high deprivation. The partnership was not just about promoting rugby league participation but sought to use the brands of two of the City’s professional clubs along with their players, stadia, and community teams to act as a catalyst to engage local people in quality interventions that supported improved health and wellbeing outcomes.

‘Teaming up for Health’ uses the Power, Inspiration and Values of both clubs to make a difference by:

Delivering Innovative Programmes for people of all ages

Developing Sustainable Partnerships for the benefit of local people

Providing new opportunities through sport for hard to engage groups


Offload is a funded initiative, offering a creative, engaging and effective mental fitness project for men in Hull. The project is a collaboration between Rugby League Cares and Hull FC, offering men the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the great game of Rugby League, and learn the mental fitness techniques of professional players and be supported to develop their own winning mindset.

Offload is a free 6-fixture programme, designed to prevent mental health problems support men to look after their own mindsets and recognise when they or others require further support.

Each of the fixtures hands power back to men, giving them evidence-based tools and techniques to practice and embed within their daily lives. Fixtures topics include; 5 ways to wellbeing, mindfulness, stress management, emotional resilience, problem solving, goal setting, challenging negative thinking, resilience, anger management, work life balance and others.

As a sport, we recognise that a joined-up, fresh approach to men?s mental health is required. Men account for 76% of suicides in the UK, the biggest cause of death for men under 50 and a leading cause of death in young men.

For further details about Offload, please contact

Energise Club

‘Energise club’ is an after-school club for children aged between 5-11 years of age and is designed to improve their health and fitness with fun games and learning activities. We are committed improving children’s health in a fun, interactive and engaging way.

There will be two sections to the session: an active fitness section and a classroom-based learning activity section. Some of the fitness activities will include playing a variety of sports games e.g., rugby, football, tennis, rounders etc, as well as gym style activities e.g., fun circuits, and games that will encourage team building and leadership skills! The classroom-based learning will involve teaching about a certain topic e.g., Food groups, and be followed by fun activities such as arts & crafts, cooking, card games, using food props etc.

Not only will this after-school club be entertaining, but it will also help boost children’s fitness, knowledge of health and their confidence. There will also be opportunities to meet the Hull FC players and receive free tickets to the 2022 games!

For further details about Energise Club, please contact


‘Unite’, a new initiative focused on empowering women living in Hull to come together and participate in activities that support their physical and mental wellbeing.

‘Unite’ will be delivered on Wednesday’s, commencing 3rd November from the Hull FC Youth Performance Centre on Pickering Road from 1pm to 2.30pm. With additional sessions to launch soon for women who work or who other commitments during the day, the programme will offer twelve sessions across twelve weeks, empowering women by boosting their self-esteem, educating them on how to improve their mental and physical well-being, and uniting them together to normalise the issues and struggles they may be facing. All women are welcomed, and childcare is provided alongside the sessions to allow mothers to attend.

Each session will be different, with a range of fitness activities from Pilates to Walking, Yoga & Relaxation, Gym Workouts e.g., circuit training, Clubbercise, Sports e.g., Tennis & Rounders. As well as this there will be empower activities such as talks with nutritionists, personal trainers, & mental health professionals, mindfulness, relaxation & coping mechanism activities. To add value, the Foundation is pleased to be working with organisations including Hull City Council Healthy Lifestyles Team, Hull and East Yorkshire Mind, Space 2 Be, Life & Fork Nutrition, and Motivation 2 Move to make sure each session is unique and to cover as many areas of health and wellbeing as we can!

For further information on ‘Unite’ please contact Maisie on or call 01482 327200.

Touch Rugby

Touch RL is a minimal contact version of Rugby League. This variant is open to any aged player, with any fitness level or sporting ability. The main difference between Touch RL and the traditional sport is that tackles are made by a touch to the rugby ball, clothes or body of the ball carrier.

We think there is a better way to getting fit and active, burning calories, building muscle tone and having fun with your friends without having to be a member of a gym.

Touch RL is available to all, with ideally 6-a-side games on a pitch dimension 70m X 50m. However, as little as 3-a-side games can take place, with adjustments to the pitch size. Games last 40 minutes (2 X 20-minute halves) and are mixed gender.

Tackles are made by a touch to the rugby ball, clothes or body of the ball carrier. The defender must raise their hand and shout ‘touch’ to claim the tackle.

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Our Best Years

Hull FC Community Foundation is pleased to launch a new project focused on bringing the club’s older fans together to celebrate everything Hull FC. Developed in partnership with Age UK Hull and forming part of the Foundation’s ‘Teaming Up for Health’ partnership, ‘Our Best Years’ will offer inclusive opportunities for fans to meet new people, make friends, and participate in activities which promote health and social outcomes.

Launching the project, Maisie Malton, the Foundation’s health and wellbeing manager said, ‘With the Covid-19 pandemic, we recognise that rates of loneliness and isolation have increased significantly amongst older people in our community. Having supported a high number through our response activities such as ‘Tackle It’, we have been able to learn what challenges older people are facing and what activities they would like to access. In presenting ‘Our Best Years’, we have shaped a project that offers inclusive physical activity and social development opportunities such as arts & crafts, music, poetry reading, bingo, quizzes and reminiscence with ex-players. Information and advice are also available, we are here to support your needs’.

Kellyjo Fletcher, Charity Activities Co-ordinator for Age UK Hull says, “This is a great way to reduce loneliness and social isolation amongst the older people in Hull and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with the foundation to make this happen. These sessions will form part of our proposal to improve wellbeing for older people across the city.”

The first session will take place on Friday 3rd December at 11am and is delivered at our KCOM Stadium Community Hub in West Park. Additional sessions will be launching in the new year that will be more focused on increasing your physical activity with a mixture of chair exercises, Thai chi, walks around West Park and other active games to get you moving.

For further information on ‘Our Best Years’ please contact Maisie on or call 01482 327200.


Hull FC Community Foundation are proud to offer exclusive opportunities to our local veterans, through the delivery of our FC Veterans project. This provides veterans with the opportunity to complete an accredited qualification with the Black & Whites, as well as further volunteering opportunities throughout the Foundation and on match-days. Delivered by friendly and qualified staff, FC Veterans enables participants to complete a 6-week qualification in the ‘Principles of Coaching’, which will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to progress on to voluntary opportunities working alongside our dedicated coaching team within schools and the local community. Each weekly session combines both theoretical and practical elements, and is delivered across both our KCOM Stadium Community Hub in West Park and the Veterans Community Hub on Anlaby Road. In addition, participants will be able to access a range of programmes to further boost their physical and mental wellbeing, such as Fit4FC and Offload. Further progression opportunities can be accessed through the Foundation’s links to other partner agencies and organisations, which can be individualised to each participant’s needs.

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