Physical Disability Rugby League

What is Physical Disability Rugby League (PDRL)?

Physical Disability Rugby League (PDRL) is a full contact version of the game adapted for participants with a physical disability who want to access a running version of Rugby League.

How to Play

Domestic PDRL, in the UK, is played on a 50m X 100m pitch and is a nine-a-side version of Rugby League. Teams include a minimum of seven physically disabled players and two non-disabled players who act as facilitators, although this is not a prerequisite, during the game.

The game includes full contact tackles, but players who have a disability that restricts them from safely playing full contact are permitted to play Touch RL tackle rules. On the field these players are identified by wearing red shorts. There is a maximum of two physically disabled players on the field of play at any one-time playing Touch RL rules.

The overriding emphasis on domestic playing offers is creating a fun opportunity to make lasting memories and allow people with a wide range of impairments to benefit from all social impact aspects of RL.

Games are played in a festival format typically playing 2 games at a festival, each being 25 minutes in length.

Where can you play?

Thursdays, 6pm until 7pm, Hull FC Country Road Training Ground

For more information, please email

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