Unite Fitness

Unite Fitness is health programme to support women’s physical and mental wellbeing. These classes will involve a 1-hour gym session that is adaptable to women of all fitness levels. These fitness sessions are a fun and friendly way of getting fit and are led by Hull FC’s qualified personal trainers, who are there to support and guide you throughout the session. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trainer, these sessions are for you!

As well as fitness, each month there will be a different social and educational empowerment activity planned, including visits from professionals such as HEY Mind, nutritionists, personal trainers and exercise coaches such as clubbercise and other health and wellbeing professionals.

The aim of Unite Fitness is to bring women together to motivate and empower each other and to improve their mental and physical well-being. This weekly programme is designed to inspire, educate, and motivate you to become your best self. We want to provide women with a safe environment where they feel comfortable and confident whilst exercising, as we know this can be a huge barrier when looking to start your fitness journey or try out a new class.

Free childcare is available alongside the sessions to allow mothers to attend.

If you want to learn more about these sessions, or just have a chat with an instructor before attending, please email maisie.malton@hullfc.com or call 01482 304260. 

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